How can I say this without feeling blue?

Moments with you, has made us feel true

Your energy ceases to amaze

Within your hidden daze

Longing to be where you are

You are one guiding star

Your energy fulfilling

And uplifting

Thank you for the time you served

Much deserved

It has made us into a better person

That is for certain

May the joy enter in your heart?

As you venture on the journey to depart

Good luck and farewell

It has been swell

The desk will be empty without you

From all the jobs to do

The time has finally come to end the show

You know where to go

It would be land ahoy and a way, you know

To the Polish land of heavy snow

Wrap up warm, that’s all I can say

Good luck, have a great day

A Merry Christmas to the family and all

Hope you all have a ball

For the New Year and new beginnings

And there’ll also be some winnings

Who knows, what is coming next

This is your first fresh step

To success

Say yes

Thank you for being a good friend

Colleague and all

It is time to go now

And, you go have that ball


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